My name is Douglas. I like to fix things and solve complicated problems by approaching each with the flexible process and attention it deserves.

My interest in film and video sparked during my middle school years. I obtained a PowerBook G4 and a copy of Final Cut Pro, started with the basics, and took off from there. Throughout high school, a friend and I created shorts and convinced the school to let us turn one of the rooms into a three-wall and floor green screen for our visual effects.


During and following college, I’ve spent many of those years working on many different types of projects using a wide variety of post-production gear and equipment. This creating the broad experience and skills that I use today. A lot of that work has been completed using the Adobe Creative programs alongside HP Workstations, but I am versed with Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve.

Presently, I spend my day supporting visual effects at Cantina Creative, a company that focuses on motion graphics and design work on feature films for clients such as Marvel and Universal. Prior to Cantina, I worked at the production company Bandito Brothers with experience in feature films, web series, and commercials. Some of my Bandito projects included Act of Valor, Need for Speed, Breaking Barriers, Lexus Instafilm, and Hot Wheels.

Beyond just the supporting of users. There was also the developing and build out of edit bays, theaters, and stages. I’ve also spent the time to know how to manage and design a post workflow from start to theatrical delivery.

In addition to managing and supporting systems, I also run the post-production department for Trinoceros, a group of friends on a mission to create original content at the highest quality without losing sight that it’s supposed to be fun.


As a lot of what I do is techy, some of that is needed. So here we go!

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Shared Storage - Facilis Terrablock, Avid ISIS / NEXIS
  • Worked with Dolby and QUBE Digital Cinema servers
  • Managed building access control and security systems

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